Introducing the Ansarada Future Navigators Program: empowering sustainable business leadership

Introducing the Ansarada Future Navigators Program, an initiative designed to empower sustainable business leadership and drive positive change. This comprehensive training program develops Certified Better Business Acceleration Leaders™, equipping them with the skills to become ESG leaders.

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Building a Sustainable Future with Ansarada's Future Navigators Program

As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, businesses have a crucial role to play in driving positive change. At Ansarada, we believe that it is our responsibility to lead the way in sustainable business leadership - not just for ourselves, but for our customers as well. That's why we’re proud to announce the launch of our Ansarada Future Navigators program.


Developing Certified Better Business Acceleration Leaders™

We have carefully selected 10 individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact on the world, embody our values of Care, Curiosity, Courage, and Change, and who want to become Certified Better Business Acceleration Leaders™. The program is a key part of our strategy to drive sustainable business practices and to support the growth of our people's careers fearlessly.


Comprehensive Training for Future Sustainable Business Leaders

The program consists of six interactive online modules, designed to provide our Future Navigators with the knowledge and tools needed to become effective leaders in sustainable business. In addition, there are three engaging workshops with Elsabet Lagerstedt, author of the book ‘Better Business Better Future: Decode the Good Practices of Sustainability Trailblazers and Transform Your Corporate Business‘.


The Power of Reflection in Learning and Application

One of the key elements of the program is reflection. We believe that reflection is essential to any learning process, and our Future Navigators will be encouraged to reflect on their learning and how they can put their knowledge to work in the real world. By mastering these concepts, our Future Navigators will be able to help us drive positive change and become leaders in sustainable ESG business practices.


Andrew Lingley, GRC Marketing Coordinator has commented on the Future navigator program after the first workshop; “My AHA moment was realising the significance of social tipping points in the Sustainability Revolution, and how they can have a transformative impact on society and businesses. The idea that small changes or incidents can accumulate and eventually reach a critical mass, triggering a larger change or exponential growth of a new idea. This is important for Ansarada - whilst we have taken great initial actions towards transforming our business to impact people, planet and performance, I think we are still yet to reach our critical mass as being owned by all Ansaradans YET.”


ESG: A Business Imperative and Growth Indicator

ESG and sustainability are becoming a business imperative, but surprisingly few strategic business leaders account for ESG in their critical business events. According to a Bain and Company 2 survey of M&A executives, only 11% say they extensively assess environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) in the deal-making process on a regular basis today, but 65% expect their company’s focus on ESG to increase. Many now view a well-devised corporate ESG strategy as a positive indicator for long-term revenue growth and see ESG leadership as justifying higher deal valuations or expect this to be the case in the future.


Simplifying ESG with Ansarada's Free ESG Pulse Check

ESG can be confusing, complex, and costly if businesses start with the wrong foundations. But even knowing where to start with ESG is chaos! That’s why Ansarada created a radically simple and free ESG Pulse Check which allows any organisation to credibly diagnose their current state against ESG best practice. The output is a beautiful and professional report ready to share with a Board, Investors, Advisors or in a deal as part of due diligence. That is also why we are investing in the Future Navigators program so that Ansaradans can be a force for good growth.


Making a Difference: Commitment to a Better Future

We’re committed to making a difference, and we believe that the Future Navigators program is an important step towards achieving our vision of a better future for all. By equipping our people with the knowledge and skills they need to become leaders in sustainable business and ESG, we can make a real impact and help to create a more sustainable world for future generations. We’re excited to embark on this journey with our Future Navigators, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact they will make on our company, our customers, and the world.


Start Your ESG Journey Today

Don't wait to make a difference in the world of sustainable business. Begin your ESG journey with Ansarada's free ESG Pulse Check and take the first step toward a better future. Discover the benefits of ESG leadership for your organization and join the movement for positive change. Click here to get started with your ESG Pulse Check and become part of the solution for a more sustainable world.

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