Modern Deals Series Part 2: Origination

This article is part 2 of our Modern Deals series. Ansarada Deals™ supports total transaction management throughout the entire deal lifecycle. Elevate your services, win more business and delight your clients.

By AnsaradaFri Apr 23 2021Mergers and acquisitions, Due diligence and dealmaking, Advisors, Innovation

deal origination for advisors
While the in-person coffee meeting might have taken a hit this past year, there are better methods for connecting with potential clients and standing out in a crowded market.
When it comes to originating deals and nurturing clients, modern dealmakers are able to generate more business and build their pipelines faster by digitizing and automating their lead prospecting and targeting. By tailoring their pitch to each client and showing the valuable service they can offer on day one, they are able to scale to connect with a wider client base and hook the biggest targets.
There’s the old way, and then there’s the modern way. As an MD, you know your market, your clients, your people. You know deals, better than anyone. As your technology partner, Ansarada can amplify all of those efforts by bringing them together in a centralized deals space.

Deal origination: The legacy way

Managing deal origination via emails or spreadsheets simply isn’t scalable. You might meet a client, give them your standard pitch, follow up with an email, then wait days or weeks before they actually engage with your firm and provide the right information. The result can be a never-ending back and forth.

Deal origination: The evolution

With Deal Workflow™, originators don’t even need to wait until there’s a deal on the horizon; they can create a digitized checklist outlining exactly what information the client would need to provide for a successful outcome. Documentation can be custom-fit to their needs, so they can see exactly what work needs to be done and be motivated to get started.

Deal Workflow™ enables streamlined project management of the earliest stages of deal preparation, so originators can track all NDAs and initial information provided across multiple clients simultaneously with a clean dashboard view. 

With all new clients going straight into the centralized deals space, originators have the visibility to make confident decisions on who to prioritize based on their initial activity and engagement. They can view progress across their entire pipeline, so they can act quickly and prioritize those who are ready to move on to the next stages - without wasting time on the ones twiddling their thumbs.

“Earlier engagement with clients is really the key to unlocking more deals – before they might even be considering an exit. Ansarada has allowed us to tailor our pitches and reach out to potential clients at scale, which has helped us boost our deal pipeline and get clients preparing sooner,” said Johan Holtzhausen, Managing Director at PSG Capital.

Scaling origination is the key to increased win rates and exponentially more business generated. With Ansarada Deals™, you can elevate your services to win and delight more clients.

Made for modern dealmakers

Ansarada Deals™ is coming this May. Deals™ is amplifying how dealmakers and business leaders achieve outcomes, across each stage of the deal lifecycle. It’s a total transaction management solution, and it’s what is helping modern dealmakers get confidence and control at every step. Stay tuned for the next part of our Modern Deals Series: Deal Marketing with Ansarada Deals™.
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