Is your business ready for what's next?

Learn about the challenges awaiting your business in 2018. With tech advances businesses need to be ready to face disruption head on or risk being left behind.

By ansaradaWed Jan 10 2018Innovation

2018 is poised to be a big year for business owners.

With tech advances – particularly in the AI space – paving the way for unprecedented efficiency and opportunity, businesses need to be ready to face disruption head on or risk being left behind. Business models are being transformed at a pace like no other period in history, and business owners must revisit their strategies if they’re going to meet the needs of the changing market.

So how ready is your business for this wave of disruption?

Answer with a simple yes or no to each of the questions, then check your results below.


  • As a business owner, are you able to dedicate 75%+ of your time to focusing on the development and growth of your business?

  • Is your company/organization actively seeking out solutions to reduce costly and time-consuming manual tasks with automation?

  • Is your company/organization using real insights to make data-driven decisions, rather than relying on gut instinct or guesswork?

  • Does your company/organization plan to implement AI technologies within the next 5 years?

  • Is your company taking steps to integrate all its disparate systems into one centralized location to boost efficiency, visibility and accountability?

Material events

  • Does your company/organization keep all of your material information on-hand and up-to-date before it’s time to kick off a material event such as an audit, capital raise, bank loan or M&A transaction?

  • Is your company/organization securely collaborating with third parties within the Data Room, and not taking the risk of working via generic file share platforms or spreadsheets?

  • Does your company/organization have a clear picture of the risks and opportunities facing the business, in order to fully understand what its key priorities should be?

  • Does your company/organization have access to expert help and advice, such as a best practice content library?

  • Has your company/organization benchmarked your business with a scorecard that measures its readiness for a material event, expected or otherwise?

If you answered YES to 0-4 questions:

You’ve got some work to do. There are a number of steps you should be taking immediately to keep up with the competition and to succeed in the new landscape. For a solution that ticks all these boxes at once, discover the Material Information Platform here and bring your business up to speed as quickly as possible.

If you answered YES to 5-7 questions:

You are on the right track! There are certainly increased measures you can take to prepare and safeguard your business, but you’ve made good progress. Learn more about Ansarada’s Material Information Platform to find out how you can boost your score to one equalling complete readiness.

If you answered YES to 8-10 questions:

You are at the forefront of business readiness! You’ve got a keen eye for what the future brings, and you’re well ahead of the crowd when it comes to owning it. To see how you can make your score a perfect 10, request a demo of our Material Information Platform and assess risks and opportunities in your business in as little as fifteen minutes.

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