Ultimate Deal Security Part 8: Now you can

This article wraps up our 8-part series on ultimate deal security for advisors, written by Ansarada CTO Owen Senior.

By AnsaradaTue Apr 21 2020Security and risk management

Ansarada began with a passion for serving advisors as they help companies through their most significant events. We were founded with a desire to serve this industry.

Ultimate deal security matters because companies are at a sensitive time for the duration. Leakage of information - however it happens - can jeopardize the entire deal and damage the reputation of everyone associated with that deal. That’s why we take security so seriously.

Our job is to make it easy for you.

We undertake the certification and processes to achieve the highest standards of protection - so you can simply rest in confidence.

We develop our platform with a tireless view on how it can protect you, so you as an advisor can find it simple and intuitive - and so you can’t even notice the mistakes you never made!

We help you use our most advanced features so you can know that you and your clients are getting the maximum value out of our systems.

Now you can have ultimate deal security.

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Do you have the ultimate deal security?

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you in your next deal or book a demo to learn more about our advanced security solutions.
Owen Senior has been working with software product companies for over 20 years and with secure SaaS products since 2004 -  working with business stakeholders, technology and information security experts to ensure systems are both easy to use and secure.
Owen Senior, Chief Technology Officer, Ansarada

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