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Ansarada Board is an all-in-one Board Management solution empowering Board members with confidence and making Company Secretaries’ lives easier

It’s the simplest, safest and smartest way to house your most important information so you can maintain order and compliance, mitigate risk and drive efficiency

Prepare for and run your Board meetings with ease via the secure online Board portal

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Board features designed to make your life easier

Get time back in your day to focus on the tasks that matter
board security

Keep your most critical information protected

Stay protected with secure access from industry-leading encryption enhanced with our own security technology.

Ansarada meets international and industry-specific compliance standards including ISO/IEC 27001 and utilises AWS secure hosting. Regional and country-specific standards are also observed.

Keep all sensitive meeting materials and communication within the one centralized environment for secure collaboration. Track usage reporting and analytics for a full audit trail to satisfy even the most comprehensive board reporting requirements.

access board anywhere, any time

Simple-to-use meeting management software

Access everything you need via the Ansarada Board app or web browser. Log in anytime, anywhere to access all your board meetings, minutes and notes.

Use quick functions to annotate documents and make free-form electronic notes. View board documents side-by-side for a quick comparison. Monitor which documents are being reviewed and when to ensure everyone is engaged. Automatically generate integrated minutes at the end of each meeting to eliminate time-consuming manual work.

board on the go

You make the hard decisions. We'll make the meetings easy.

Log in online or via the app to instantly access all your board committees in one place, so you can manage them all from a single platform. Get instant oversight across all critical information - from documents and data, to the people who look after them - with an intuitive and easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Set up key meeting documents in a Binder ahead of each board meeting and maintain control over who can access them. Digitize your process from the scheduling of the meeting all the way through to the signing of the minutes. Use e-Signatures to easily sign resolutions online from your preferred device. Ideal for enterprise or nonprofit board management.

company executives

Unique features and firsts for board software

Take notes alongside your documents. Scribble annotations, highlight, draw shapes and compare two documents side by side. 

Benefit from built-in assistants and guides to get the most out of Ansarada Board's unique features.

Publish binders in as little as three steps with the Binder Create Wizard, which highlights tips to make the process as optimized and efficient as it can be.

Features to suit everyone, no matter your role

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Company Secretaries


Board administration made easy 

Company Secretaries, get ready to cut your administrative tasks in half with Ansarada Board. 

Board Directors


Ordered information, all in one place

Get a centralized source of information, with everything you need at your fingertips.

Company Executives


Stay focused on what’s important

Enjoy clearer reporting, simplified oversight, and reduced complexity in your board duties.



Your Board, your way

A tailored solution, designed uniquely for your needs. We fit our our T&Cs to suit you, not the other way round. 

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