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What are Employee Registers?

A product development employee register provides information on your employees that are responsible for idea generation testing, research, analysis and development and launch of your products. The product development employee register includes:

  • Personal details such as names, addresses, contact numbers, emergency contact details, education, technical capabilities, prior experience and job titles
  • Employment details such as employee IDs, date of joining, employment status, roles and responsibilities and key products launched or developed
  • Payroll details such as current and historical compensation and notice periods

It also records details of your employees on performance, contribution across product development cycles, rewards and recognitions, policy violations and any disciplinary action taken against them.


Why is an Employee Registers important for business today?

A product development employee register enables your company to:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of your product development employees across different phases of product development
  • Assess the performance of your employees across different roles and their cost contribution towards development
  • Implement training programs to improve the skill and capabilities of your employees
  • Evaluate and budget the costs associated with employees across different phases of product development
  • Build on knowledge of previously developed products
  • Brainstorm test and shortlist the appropriate teams for new product development
  • Contact family or relatives in case of an emergency

Why is Employee Registers important for an event tomorrow?

A product development employee register is important for an event tomorrow, as it helps:

  • Determine the reliance of the company’s product development strategy on key individuals
  • Assess the share of employee compensation costs in new product development
  • Determine the skills and capabilities of your company’s product development employees
  • Measure return on investments and budget costs for new product development by segments
  • Assess the changes in employee compensation across the product development teams

Pros of addressing Employee Registers

  • Benchmark actual performance of your employees vs their roles and responsibilities across the lifecycle of product development
  • Improvement in succession planning and ensuring business continuity
  • Improvement in operational efficiency by assisting your company in allocating product development work based on employees’ capabilities
  • Reduction in legal and financial risks or liabilities with accurate record keeping of employees as per regulatory requirements
  • Assistance in planning and launch of new products based on strengths and capacity utilization of your team

Cons of not addressing this topic

  • Impact on the financial growth of your company as product development cost is not tracked
  • Operational inefficiencies as records of employees’ performance, contributions and policy violations are not maintained
  • Potential decrease in employee performance as rewards are not linked to their contribution on product development
  • Difficulties in talent management and knowledge retention.

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