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Insurance Claims & Disputes

What is Insurance Claims & Disputes?

An insurance claims and disputes list summarizes the insurance claims made by your company and details of any disputes with insurance agencies.

An insurance claims and disputes list outlines the details of insurance claims; key timelines, status, terms and conditions and amounts claimed or disputed.

It covers:

  • Key Milestones and Dates: Start and end dates of each claim and dispute
  • Identity of the Insurer: Name and contact details of the insurance agencies involved in the claims and disputes
  • Policy Details: Details of insurance policies such as policy number and coverage
  • Nature of Claim and Dispute: Details of the nature of the claim (such as medical or accidental), and dispute (e.g. disagreements over increases in premiums or misunderstandings on policy benefits)
  • Terms and Conditions: Details of the terms and conditions including liabilities related to insurance policy, claims and disputes
  • Value of Claim and Dispute: Amount of money claimed by your company or under dispute
  • Status: Current status of each claim and dispute, i.e., under process, disputed or closed

Why is Insurance Claims & Disputes important for business today?

An insurance claims and disputes list enables your company to:

  • Assess the frequency, nature and status of the insurance claims and disputes made by your company
  • Evaluate the terms and conditions of your company’s insurance policies, including your company’s liabilities and coverage across various insurance policies
  • Estimate the time required to file and receive a claim and resolve a dispute
  • Assess the amount of money claimed by your company and currently under dispute on an ongoing basis
  • Identify the reasons behind past insurance disputes to formulate internal processes and strategies to combat those issues

Why is Insurance Claims & Disputes important for an event tomorrow?

An insurance claims and disputes list is important for an event tomorrow, as it helps:

  • Evaluate the current status of each insurance claim and dispute related to your company
  • Estimate the total amount involved in claims and disputes
  • Analyze the processes implemented by your company to comply with the terms and conditions of various insurance policies
  • Evaluate the costs incurred and time spent by your company to resolve disputes and receive claims
  • Analyze your company’s capability to manage and resolve insurance disputes

Pros of addressing Insurance Claims & Disputes

  • Track the current status of insurance claims and disputes on an ongoing basis
  • Ensured compliance with the terms and conditions stipulated in each insurance policy for efficient claim processing and mitigation of disputes
  • Predict potential disputes that may arise in the future by analyzing historical trends
  • Utilize as a reference document to file claims or mitigate current and future disputes
  • Transparency in status of each arising claim and dispute
  • Plan for any contingencies

Cons of not addressing this topic

  • Lack of visibility on the financial losses due to disputes with insurance agencies
  • Limited ability to track the nature of events requiring insurance claims and the status of payments and amounts
  • Potential operational inefficiencies due to lack of visibility on the nature of disputes
  • Potential non-compliance with terms and conditions of the insurance policies with lack of visibility.

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