Navigating the new landscape of consumer protection

Your complete guide to the UK Consumer Duty Rules

Get equipped with the knowledge and insights you need to ensure your financial services business complies with these new regulations and delivers the best possible outcomes for your retail customers.

This guide written by corporate governance expert Nigel Kendall serves as your comprehensive resource for understanding and navigating the recently implemented Consumer Duty Rules in the UK.

What's inside:

✅      Deep dive into each section of the rules and understand their specific implications.

✅      Discover practical tips and strategies for implementing the Consumer Duty within your business.

✅      Gain insights into best practices for delivering good outcomes for your retail customers.

✅      Stay informed about ongoing developments and regulatory updates associated with the Consumer Duty.

By embracing the Consumer Duty and prioritising the well-being of your retail customers, you can build a stronger, more resilient business and contribute to a fairer and more trustworthy financial services ecosystem.