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Ansarada's Sustainability Management Platform enables companies to align with complex sustainability frameworks, deliver impact through innovation, and unlock purpose-driven growth opportunities.

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ESG Gap Analysis

A quick self-assessment delivering a gap analysis report with benchmarking to ESG leaders. It creates clarity and alignment on your current state’s strengths and opportunities, including next steps to further realize your ESG potential. Take your ESG gap analysis for free in 10 minutes.


ESG Materiality Assessment

Efficiently diagnose the most important ESG issues from the view of internal and external stakeholders. The resulting report provides essential information for setting an ESG strategy, demonstrating commitment, building trust, increasing credibility, and creating focus and confidence on next steps. Start now for free.


ESG Strategic Impact Plan

Turn your assessment foundations into a cohesive strategic plan, creating a comprehensive one that achieves impact, measures progress, and communicates critical ESG issues with ease. Aligned with relevant UN SDGs, this plan includes workflow tools for assigning tasks and automating progress tracking. Speak to our team to learn more.


What is ESG software?

What is ESG software?

ESG software refers to a category of digital tools designed to help companies manage their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data and reporting, including managing, monitoring, and progressing on ESG metrics. ESG metrics are a means to evaluate a company's performance in terms of environmental and social factors.

ESG software typically includes features such as data collection and analysis, performance tracking, and report generation.

ESG software may include solutions for performing an ESG gap analysis on your business, for enabling an ESG Materiality Assessment, and for following an ESG Strategic Action plan. ESG metrics are a means to evaluate a company's performance in terms of environmental and social factors.

Why do I need an ESG software solution?

Why do I need an ESG software solution?

ESG metrics are becoming increasingly important for investors – as well as other stakeholders – as they look beyond financial data to assess an organization's values and long-term potential, particularly as they relate to sustainability, community, and responsible management.

By implementing ESG software, companies can track their progress towards sustainability targets, identify areas for improvement, and communicate their ESG performance to stakeholders in a clear and transparent way. This can help improve brand reputation, reduce risk, and ultimately drive long-term business success.

Learn more: Four reasons to undertake a Materiality Assessment

Importance of ESG reporting

The importance of ESG reporting

The importance of ESG performance is increasing due to new regulatory requirements, an evolving ESG reporting landscape, and shifting stakeholder expectations. This means increased scrutiny from stakeholders, including investors who are looking for ESG disclosures to steer their investment decision making.

With regulatory bodies ramping up ESG oversight, improved ESG insight, data analytics and reporting are increasingly important to delivering long-term business value.

New sustainability reporting requirements like the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) are now mandating ‘double materiality’. This approach requires organizations to disclose not only how sustainability issues may potentially impact them financially (the ‘outside-in’ perspective), but also how their activities potentially impact people and the environment (the ‘inside-out’ perspective).

ESG software designed for you

ESG for corporates

For business leaders

Build trust with stakeholders through ESG reporting

From a business perspective, ESG reporting is essential to demonstrate how corporate purpose is brought to life and supports long-term value creation. ESG leaders benefit from the higher trust, superior reputation, cheaper access to capital and greater talent appeal in a competitive market.

For GRC professionals

For GRC professionals

Build awareness with leadership through ESG disclosure

Governance, Risk and Compliance professionals play critical roles in managing risk in a company's growth - taking the risk to fuel growth while ensuring there is clear purpose behind profit.

For M&A advisors

For M&A advisors

Expand your pool of investors and buyers in the deal through credible ESG due diligence

Buyers and investors are looking for credible and consistent disclosures. Get your competitive edge and better outcomes for your client by including an ESG Materiality Assessment during the due diligence process.

Considering materiality leads to credible ESG disclosures

Incorporating an Ansarada Materiality Assessment alongside stakeholder engagement can lead to the following advantages.

Define what matters most to your business and stakeholders

Prioritize relevant ESG issues through stakeholder input, risk analysis, and industry benchmarking

Gap analysis to inform strategy

Gai valuable insights for developing an ESG strategy that aligns with the company's values, business goals, and stakeholder expectations

Proactively manage ESG risk

Identify and address the most material ESG issues to mitigate risks related to reputation, regulation, and business continuity

Drive innovation and competitiveness

Addressing ESG issues can drive innovation, improve operational efficiency, and enhance your company's competitiveness in the marketplace

Improve stakeholder relations

Engaging your stakeholders through an ESG Materiality Assessment builds trust, credibility, and positive relationships

Value creation

Focus on material ESG issues to enhance long-term value creation, contribute to sustainable development, and achieve a higher business valuation


Link specific risk controls into aggregated, higher-level controls for board and senior management insight


Fully integrated management of your regulatory, legislative and operational compliance requirements


Powering change through order

Never has the management of information and processes been so critical to outcomes for companies, society, and the planet. There's a huge push on sustainability and huge problems with all manner of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters. Things like privacy, cyber security, climate issues and more dominate headlines and boardroom conversations. An organization's capacity to address these issues and move from reactive to proactive, comes back to how well is information structured and managed.
With the sustainability revolution triggering more regulation and increasing demands from all stakeholders, companies are putting their futures at risk. And that is exactly the problem Ansarada seeks to solve.
We're passionate about this problem because over 15 years we've been establishing the knowledge and capability, building a best-in-class product designed to help people do well with critical information and processes. 
We started in deals, like M&A and capital raising, because having chaos with information and chaotic processes in a deal is just not acceptable. There are millions if not billions of dollars at stake in deals, and a lot of reputations on the line. The outcome of the deal is so critical that it must be highly structured and organized; you need a lot of security, a lot of controls, a lot of insights and reporting to make decisions. That's what Ansarada has become very good at.
Ultimately, when it comes to sustainability and companies in the world putting in place the foundations and growing in maturity to address the environmental, social and governance issues - that’s a problem that needs structured information and processes too. And that’s why Ansarada is best placed to take on the challenge.

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