Don't settle for the ordinary way to do business. Win with the ready way.

The ready way to do business

The Material Information Platform applies AI to all the material information in a business, empowering advisors, investors and companies alike to increase value, eliminate risks, increase efficiency, accelerate deals, and seize opportunities before they come knocking.


Automation delivers advantages

Get full visibility over a company’s material information in a single, secure location for maximum efficiency and minimum risk. Automation eliminates the need for manual tasks, freeing you up to focus on the bigger picture.

Stay connected, stay ahead

The Platform enables efficient collaboration, connecting multiple parties in one place and syncing integrated systems of record to give you the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Make readiness your advantage

Smart is good. Ready is better

Use objective outcome-based scorecards to assess business, assign owners to tasks, chart progress, and benchmark readiness for any material event. That’s what will keep you positioned for success in any opportunity, even the ones that catch you by surprise.

Turn hindsight into foresight

The platform leverages AI generated insights from over 20,000 deals for accurate predictions and better decision making – because whoever can see the future owns the future.

Get ready and stay ready with the Platform

Our Material Information Platform allows you to increase value, eliminate risk, accelerate deals, and seize opportunities before they come knocking

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  • Scorecards: Gain awareness & benchmark business in 15 minutes
  • Dashboards: Get visibility over all material information, who’s accountable and how they’re tracking
  • Document collaboration and verification: AI features let you navigate and analyze critical information securely and in an instant, enabling you to optimize the verification process and make it the most cost effective
  • Content library: A repository of best practice content helps you develop key areas of business where gaps are identified, elevating knowledge and creating a sense of urgency to improve

Readiness can become an always-on state

Get in touch to find out how the world's first Material Information Platform can help you put your company’s critical information to work in an instant.

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