Future-proof your post-acquisition integration from the outset

The software that got you there is the same system to take you forward.

Standardize and centralize integration processes as part of your overall deal activity

Keep integration activities front of mind as you complete earlier phases of the acquisition

Reap the benefits of digitization, automation and seamless information flow

Bring order to your integration with an end-to-end Deals management platform

Don’t let integration be an afterthought

Download the post-acquisition integration checklist, outlining best-practice requirements from more than 35,000+ previous transactions, so you can realize valuable synergies laid out in the deal.
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Seeing value in the deal stage is just step one

The deal doesn’t end when the contract is signed. We’ve developed tools to help the post-acquisition transition run more smoothly than ever before.

Information silos and gaps are closed

PAI templates support the transfer of content from due diligence to post acquisition

Processes are standardized

Standardize processes with PAI templates you can use, reuse and adapt for subsequent acquisitions

Value is protected

Establish review channels with stakeholders on both sides to ensure nothing gets lost in the transfer

Teams are unified and aligned

With automated workflow and collaboration tools, teams stay on the same page and keep communication lines open

Move forward at a pace

Your PAI template acts as a roadmap for the newly formed team to thrive and prepare to seize opportunities together

Great organizations start with great organization

Maintain full visibility over essential integration tasks following a successful closure and reduce the risk of lost value.

Deal workflow

Less risk, more value

Eliminate the risk of lost knowledge and value by establishing review and collaboration channels with stakeholders on both sides of the table from day one. Unify and align your team, with full visibility, clarity and alignment on key objectives and strategy. Leverage the hard work you've already done in due diligence by maintaining all these documents in a centralized, secure location. 

Digitize your checklists

Process drives progress

Coordinate the team with automated workflows and collaboration tools in a single centralized platform. Digitized checklists and templates enable both sides to work with a clear path to follow, with everything synced and tracked in the back end for a full record trail of all information and activity across the entire deal lifecycle.

Use workflow to track your post acquisition integration

Own your future

Don't let the chaotic nature of the post-acquisition process get the better of you. Give both sides of the transaction a clear path to follow, enabling you to move quickly and be ready to seize the next opportunity as a high performing, unified, and in-control team.

The big players trust us for a reason

The Ansarada platform inherently links sell-side and buy-side documentation and activities together, whilst linking the deal team due diligence and rationale with the integration team to provide direction. It also speeds up the acquisition of knowledge and planning for all buy-side activities.
Henry McNeill, Managing Director , PMI Partners

More order. More value.

Manage your ongoing post-deal integration and keep your teams aligned on achieving synergistic business outcomes. Start preparing for free today using Ansarada.
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