Major deals like M&A uncover the greatest risks and opportunities in a business, but unfortunately companies find out too late to benefit. Don’t be one of them.

Don’t just seize today, seize tomorrow

Uncover actionable insights in just 15 minutes with the Material Information Platform. Put simply, the Platform is your solution to reducing risk, improving capacity and growing efficiently. The ‘always on’ platform provides a pathway to what’s next, while optimizing and protecting your most valuable information. AI and machine learning deliver valuable insights on risk and opportunity to you, your management team, the board, investors and advisors.

Get ready today, stay ready forever

Within the platform, you can use scorecards to assess your business, assign owners to tasks, chart progress, and be ready for any material event. That’s a lot better than getting ready over and over and over again. Use the Material Information Platform for audits, debt/equity raises, strategic reviews, IPO, M&A and more. The platform keeps your business positioned for success in any event – even the ones that catch you by surprise.

Secure, outcome-based collaboration

In material events, the right information needs to be ready and accessible to the right people as quickly as possible. The platform allows you to set an outcome and choose a pathway. Connect your advisors and investors to it and you’ve got a single, secure location for highly efficient internal and external collaboration without the risks.

Intuition is an expensive commodity

Benchmark to the best and uncover hidden opportunities

Cutting-edge AI technology can reveal previously hidden insights about your business, like ways to improve HR, Finances or Operations. You’ll also have access to a content library which can help you and your team fill in any gaps identified when you benchmark yourself via scorecards tailor-made with the knowledge and experience of over 20,000 deals.

Operate at your full potential

The platform streamlines the entire event preparation and execution process to save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. It automatically syncs with your internal systems of record to give you a real-time view of the state of play, so you can make better decisions at a moment’s notice.

Get ready and stay ready with the Platform

Our Material Information Platform allows you to increase value, eliminate risk, accelerate deals, and seize opportunities before they come knocking

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  • Scorecards: Use scorecards to assess risks and opportunities for your business, to chart progress, and to benchmark your readiness for a material event
  • Dashboards: Get a comprehensive view of your business’s material information to see exactly where to invest your time and energy for the best ROI
  • Document collaboration and verification: AI features enable you to navigate and analyze critical information securely and in an instant
  • Content library: Access to best practice content to help you improve key areas of your business and fill in any identified gaps in expertise, elevating knowledge and creating a sense of urgency to improve

Get ready and stay ready with the Platform

Introducing the world's first Material Information Platform

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