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Unlock the value of your data

Step one in any type of transaction is getting a full understanding of your company’s current state by gathering, assessing and analysing its material information (ideally, with a digital outcome-based scorecard).

There’s a wealth of insights hidden within your company’s critical information, but getting visibility over it has always been a challenge. Different departments collaborate using their own set of tools and programs, resulting in information being housed across a number of different sources and systems, siloed.

Gathering it is an incredibly manual process, and that’s if you even know where to look to find it all. It’s far too easy for things to slip through the cracks.

The data hidden within your critical info is only valuable to your business if you can see all of it. You can’t use it to predict trends, evaluate behaviour or drive decision-making when interactions are all happening in different places. It must occur in a single location.


Organisations struggle to corral data into useable and actionable intelligence, and the main reason for their frustration is ‘lack of analytical talent’, followed closely by ‘data siloing’ and ‘poor data reliability’. Without clean, relevant, and labeled data, organisations are stymied in their efforts to move aggressively on AI, which CEOs overwhelmingly ‘agree’ will have a significant impact on their business within the next five years.

PwC’s 22nd global CEO outlook survey


One place to rule them all

In our quest for successful outcomes, we realized we had to improve the way business organized their critical information and prepared for transactions or other business outcomes.

An inclusive real-time view of your company’s critical data is essential for decision-making, especially when situations can change in the blink of an eye. The consequences of not realizing a contract has expired or a signature has been missed can cost companies thousands.

However, it’s hard to establish and maintain processes around new technology because people are resistant to change. Learning a new behaviour and incorporating it into your routine requires significant energy and commitment – but what if your team didn’t have to change a thing?


Get connected with the apps you already use

You can now connect Ansarada with the software and apps your team already love to use, whether it’s your finance reporting system, HR software, or collaborative documents.

They collaborate on the tools they are familiar with – whether it’s Google Drive, DropBox or OneDrive – and the information is pulled in from all the disparate sources automatically, giving you a visible score on your scorecard and a clear path forward. Information from every department, fully synced, up-to-date, and in one place – with zero change in behaviour necessary.


Data-driven decisions drive confidence in outcomes

With all the consolidation and tracking covered, you’ll get full visibility, unique insights and a complete understanding of where your business stands – and that’s when you’ll be able to discover levels of potential you never thought possible.

As with our AI-powered tools, these features don’t just give you the data, but they help you tap into what humans are doing with that data. It’s within those interactions that immense value lies. Let us help you see the bigger picture and tap into your real potential.


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