Real Estate due diligence checklist

Your commercial real estate due diligence checklist

Built from 50 million data points across 23,000+ deals, this file structure is step one to a seamless commercial due diligence process.

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Seize opportunity with the commercial real estate due diligence checklist

Take a professional, forward-thinking approach to due diligence and achieve a state of always-on readiness. This commercial real estate due diligence checklist will ensure your material information is structured correctly, saving you time, cost and risk.

Our commercial due diligence checklist will support the covering of critical data points like:

  • Certificates of occupancy, security deposits and title commitments
  • Building permits, maintenance agreements and service contracts
  • Easements, caveats, restrictive covenants, notifications, memorials or other encumbrances
  • Insurances, leases and parking licenses
  • Details of common areas and operating statements
Easily adaptable, this real estate acquisition due diligence checklist can be reused to suit the needs of any sized company or transaction.

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