Goodbye, legacy virtual data rooms

What were once referred to as ‘virtual data rooms’ have been rendered obsolete. We’ve taken legacy data rooms to the next level with a suite of data-driven AI tools for dealmakers – the first of their kind in the world - designed to eliminate risk, accelerate outcomes and increase value.

Make the switch from legacy to legendary and drive a high-performance transaction every single time.

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Unlimited data, unlimited potential

That’s why you’ll never see any data or per page restrictions in any of our pricing plans.

All our subscription plans come with unlimited data, so you can be confident you’ll never experience any of the risks and limitations associated with legacy VDRs again.

Our rooms have over 100 features, including our AI-powered intelligent assistant, automated document classification, reports that track bidder activity, security controls to protect your information, and 24/7 support from our team.

Bidder engagement score

AiQ Bidder Engagement Score

The Bidder Engagement Score is an AI deal engine that uses data from more than 20,000 deals to determine your bidders’ likely behaviour. Delivered straight to your inbox, the score brings hidden insights into plain view, helping you quickly and objectively understand who’s interested, who isn’t, and why.

Ansarada Intelligent Deal Assistant (AiDA)

AiDA is an interactive assistant that gives you immediate answers to your most pressing questions during deal time. The app is powered by cutting edge AI and natural language processing so it can understand your questions and respond immediately. All the power of an analyst in your pocket.

Simple, intuitive and easy to use

Virtual data rooms make the due diligence process easier, safer and more efficient from end to end. They allow the sell side party to keep full control over how and when information is revealed and to whom. The sell side team is also able to manage all communication with their bidders. When the deal is done, they offer a full audit trail of disclosure through a single digital archive of all Room activity.

Keep your critical information secure

Our virtual data rooms are compliant with ISO27001 – a standard that sets the procedures and controls required to manage an information security system. Multiple potential buyers can access confidential information simultaneously online – minus the risks. Keep control of your critical information and intellectual property in an Ansarada Room.

Unparalleled insight into who is a serious bidder in your Ansarada Room, gain advantage with earlier more accurate AI bidder predictions

Deals are stressful enough. Choose confidence

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