Startup due diligence

Your startup due diligence checklist

Built from 50 million data points across 23,000+ deals, this template is step one to seamless due diligence.

Startup due diligence checklist

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Be prepared with the ultimate startup due diligence checklist

For early-stage companies looking to secure investments, the due diligence process is essential. If it doesn’t go smoothly, potential investments can go south - fast. For seamless due diligence, you need to clearly understand where your startup stands and how to present it in the best light.

Our startup due diligence checklist will ensure your critical company information is structured correctly, maximizing your chances of success.

With our comprehensive checklist, we’ve done the administrative work for you so you can concentrate on impressing angel investors, venture capitalists and other potential investors with your pitch deck.

This startup due diligence template covers critical data points like:

  • Stock options 
  • Intellectual property 
  • Business plans 
  • Employee benefits and employment agreements
  • Financial statements

Easily adaptable, this startup due diligence checklist can be reused to suit the needs of any sized company or transaction. Download the checklist and share it with your executive officers, directors and the management team.

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