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Efficiently manage your target pipeline

Use AI-driven insights to focus on engaged targets

Automate the capture of critical information

Move fast, minimize risk and maximize value

Amplify your acquisition process with the M&A Targeted Acquisition Pathway

Use our M&A Targeted Acquisition Pathway to get fully visibility over your most promising targets

Engage at scale

A purpose-built scorecard allows you to reach out to multiple prospects and assess business in minutes

Get a clear picture

Evaluate targets against criteria that quickly highlight the maturity and value of their business

Let prospects guide themselves

Scorecards and topic guides ensure prospects are providing their most critical information in its entirety

Pass on risky candidates

Identify risks and trends in advance so you can focus on the most promising potential partners

Automate corporate M&A

Unify your corporate M&A team around standardized processes and workflow

Here’s how our M&A Targeted Acquisition Pathway works


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Engage at scale, surface deal breakers

Choose the pre-built M&A: Targeted Acquisition Pathway and engage with 100s of prospects, evaluating them in minutes by scoring their critical information against 23,000 previous transactions. Deep dive into your most promising targets for an accurate picture of their potential value.

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Move fast and seize opportunity

Streamline acquisitions with pre-built workflows, notifications, app integrations and collaboration tools. Transition your information into the Virtual Data Room to run the deal. Disclose, control and track your information with third parties end to end.

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Post-acquisition integration

Continue on the Pathway to post-acquisition integration to ensure you are maximizing value and realizing returns long after the acquisition has been finalized.

Half of all M&A deals fail

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I use the Ansarada platform for a sell-side transaction – the site is well structured and easy to use, the support team are excellent, and the control and information available to the seller is extremely valuable. I have no hesitation in recommending Ansarada as a powerful tool for M&A transactions.
Andrew Miller, COO, Corero Network Security PLC

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