Find out how Qantas and Virgin Australia broke the sound barrier with Ansarada

Opportunities emerge and vanish at the speed of light. Maximize your deal’s potential with Ansarada’s Material Information Platform that offers ground breaking artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure secure, efficient collaboration backed by personal, 24/7 multilingual support.


“The data room allowed us to put in a structured format and also to manage Q&A and the bankers. And that also meant that we got a very good understanding of everything that was going on through that process.”

Richard Richards, former GGM Qantas.

One room for your next deal

Every Ansarada Room comes with exclusive features that we designed to simplify the deal process and makes deals easier.

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AI insights

AiQ Bidder Engagement Score tells you who is serious and who is not

The Ansarada Intelligent Deal Assistant app is your PA. Think Siri for your deal

SmartSort automatically orders documents by date and file name

Complex Q&A, simplified

RFI workflows are automated to ensure compliance

Answers are disclosed to a single party, or many parties, without revealing identities

Auditors receive a single repository of information exchange

Secure by design

Track usage and take back documents whenever you like, even after they have been saved and downloaded

Protocols are verified in real-time, so revoking access is instant

Print, save and watermark restrictions protect high priority material