Intelligent Information Management Platform 101

Any information, documentation or data that is essential to maintaining an organization’s compliance or significant enough to influence the outcome of a material event is considered to be material information. Material information can include contracts, shareholder agreements, financial statements, intellectual properties and more.

Material events can be classified as any event in a company lifecycle that requires the business to express itself to a third party. This could include anything from an annual audit through to a major transaction or change to an organization’s structure, tax or legal status.

These types of events are designated as material because they have a significant influence on the organization’s value, structure or operations. Material events can include mergers and acquisitions, sales of securities or assets, changes to governance, external audits, IPOs, tenders, fundraising and private placements.

An Intelligent Information Management Platform is an always-on secure platform that centrally manages material information for an organization. It enables organizations to optimize processes, make better decisions faster, and to prepare for and execute material events in a fraction of the time.

Companies benefit from a platform that manages, benchmarks and analyzes their material information based on the insights of over 20,000 material events. Business owners are able to assess risks and opportunities in their companies in as little as fifteen minutes, enabling them to prioritize which areas of business development to focus on.

Advisors can optimize every part of their opportunity pipeline with an Intelligent Information Management Platform. From connecting with clients earlier and tracking their company’s trajectory through to accelerating the preparation and execution of deals, an Intelligent Information Management Platform gives smart advisors a standout service and saves them significant time and cost.

Investors can use data-driven insights to swiftly unlock, raise and protect the value of the companies in their portfolios. With risks and opportunities highlighted by the Platform’s scorecards and dashboards, investors can make better decisions, faster.

An Intelligent Information Management Platform securely centralizes all of an organization’s material information, making processes visible and streamlined. It minimizes risk, maximizes efficiency, raises value and potential, and enables users to make decisions with certainty.

Designed to sync with your internal systems in real-time, an Intelligent Information Management Platform enables internal and external personnel including management teams, board members, investors and advisors to collaborate efficiently by giving everyone access to the best, most complete and current information.

Scorecards and dashboards draw from the benchmarked data of tens of thousands of events to give at-a-glance insights into the organization’s readiness for both material events and its overall operational health.

A business strategy based on incomplete or out-of-date information isn’t a strategy; it’s crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. An Intelligent Information Management Platform provides real-time, complete and accurate information for organizations, and insights at a glance for fast, informed decision making.

Even the best strategies need to be ready for anything. Organizations using an Intelligent Information Management Platform can more accurately forecast future events and be ready when opportunity comes knocking.

Readiness is vital for successful deals. Most deals fail due to a lack of preparation or access to vital business intelligence before the deal commences. According to KPMG, 47% of deals fail due to operational issues revealed during due diligence, and 46% due to financial issues revealed.

An Intelligent Information Management Platform is instrumental to ensuring readiness and staving off any deal-killing embarrassments once you reach due diligence.

In addition, we estimate that an Intelligent Information Management Platform will save businesses a minimum of 500 hours off their next deal on average.

The easiest way to begin a business case that addresses the specific needs of your organization is with a free demo with a member of our team. We’ll walk you through the features of the Platform that will help your organization the most and answer any specific questions you have.

The Intelligent Information Management Platform uses cutting-edge technology to garner insights for better decisions in real time; so the more frequently your key internal and external teams use it, the faster you can seize the opportunities it highlights, or address the risks.

Create roles for key personnel in your management team, board members, investors and advisors and sync the Platform with your internal systems for the most complete and up-to-date view of your state of play.

Taking full advantage of integrated AI tools like the AiQ Bidder Engagement Score and the Ansarada Intelligent Deal Assistant (AiDA) also allow you to get key insights from your Platform instantly at any time, just by asking.

Contact the Ansarada sales team to learn more about how your organization can get the most out of an Intelligent Information Management Platform.

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