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The best of a year of ups and downs.

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While 2021 may have been another challenging year for all, we’re starting to see all the hard work pay off. M&A numbers rose globally to create the ‘seventh great M&A wave’ and momentum shows no signs of slowing into the new year.

We are committed to helping our customers around the globe reach new heights in 2021. From Germany to Colorado and everywhere in between, we spoke to the dealmakers at the forefront of the action to get their predictions on what’s next, and gained some valuable lessons to use in the year ahead.

To set you up for further success, here are the top 10 content resources that our customers loved. Stay safe, stay well, and enjoy your holiday break. We look forward to continuing to serve you in 2022.

2022 M&A outlook

1. NEW: 2022 M&A Outlook: Q&A with the Top Global Dealmakers

Ansarada has launched a new forward-facing report: 2022 M&A Outlook: Q&A with the Top Global Dealmakers. This interview-style report explores the key themes that will shape 2022, according to a group of expert M&A dealmakers around the globe. We turn to the experts for their global predictions for the year ahead.

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Ryan Nece

2. The Pathfinders: Ryan Nece

In episode 2 of The Pathfinders podcast, Dhani interviewed modern dealmaker & former NFL champion, Ryan Nece. Among his list of achievements, Ryan is a Super Bowl champion, founder, advisor and investor in successful tech companies like Hippo, Brandless, ByteDance (TikTok), Flexport, Peloton, and Rubrik. He began his career as a professional football player starring for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and winning the 2002 Super Bowl before finishing with the Detroit Lions.

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German M&A predictions

3. Top German Dealmakers’ Predictions 2022

German M&A is booming - and there's more to come. This report comprises interviews with 50 of Germany's top dealmakers to gain their insights on what 2022 holds for M&A activity in the region.

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Keet van Zyl

4. Pathfinder: Keet van Zyl 

We interviewed Keet van Zyl, the harley-riding co-founder of venture capital firm Knife Capital. “We are a venture capital firm that focuses on innovation-driven businesses with proven traction. I’m fascinated by the bubbles in champagne. The more you celebrate, the more you celebrate so we try and live that!” 

Watch Keet's story

Californian M&A predictions

5. Top Californian Dealmakers’ Predictions 2022

There's plenty for Bay Area dealmakers to be optimistic about. In partnership with Mergermarket, we interviewed 50 dealmakers in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley to gain their insights on what's next for M&A in this technology hub.

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Jennifer Deason

6. The Pathfinders: Jennifer Deason

In episode one of The Pathfinders podcast series, we stopped in New York. Dhani Jones spoke with Jennifer Deason, the Chairman and CEO of Belong Acquisition Corp and former Executive Vice President of Bain Capital. Jennifer discusses her insights into what makes a successful deal, what to do when a deal goes wrong, the risks, and what you can do to mitigate them.

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UK M&A predictions

7. Top UK Dealmakers’ Predictions 2022

Confidence is running high for the UK's top dealmakers. We partnered with Mergermarket to interview 50 dealmakers in the UK to find out why, and to gain their insights on what's next for M&A in the region.

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Colorado M&A predictions

8.  50 Coloradan Dealmakers’ Predictions 2021

In partnership with Mergermarket, we surveyed 50 senior executives to gain insights on their M&A predictions for Colorado. Gain access to exclusive M&A and private market data in Colorado in this report.

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Tech M&A perspectives

9. Tech M&A perspectives report

Growth is the game! From founders to sellers to acquirers, we spoke to the tech experts embracing disruption, staying competitive, and growing through each critical juncture in their lifecycle amid a surge in deal activity. 

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board governance trends

10. 5 governance trends for boards to watch in 2021

In this report, we look at the key trends impacting governance in 2021 and beyond, and how modern boards are using technology for greater governance. New technologies will play a key role in helping organizations become agile and in supporting growing risk & compliance requirements.

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