What are material events?

Material events include a wide range of transactions or restructures that could increase your business value - or knock it out if you're not prepared for one.

By ansaradaMon Oct 09 2017CEO-CFO

A material event for your company encompasses a wide range of transactions that could end up knocking you out if you don’t give it your absolute attention.

If you’re not as meticulous about the planning, preparation and execution of your material event – as you are about the running of your business – your company may suffer a blow that may damage your reputation, but more importantly, your business’s future.

That’s why your business needs to get ready for a material event the way a boxer needs to get ready for a bout. Or as “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali, once said: “The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.”

Ansarada’s Material Information Platform ensures you get ready before the bell on your material event, your deal, is sounded.

So, what are material events?

Material events include:

  • A merger, acquisition, or consolidation with another company

  • The sale of company securities including equity or debt, and their derivatives, either privately or in the public markets

  • The sale of company assets or divisions including offices, land, products, intellectual property

  • An event which materially changes the company’s tax and/or corporate structure. For example, changing from for-profit to non-profit status

  • A change in the composition of the company’s board of directors or other governing body

  • An audit of your financials or other records by an outside expert

  • Entering into a major, strategic alliance with another company, organization or person

  • A change in the company’s legal status such as the dissolution or liquidation of the business, bankruptcy, or receivership

Such material events require concerted and coordinated planning and execution that involve multiple people and parties within a company and outside it.

Ansarada’s Material Information Platform helps you plan and execute your material event successfully because it acts like your own personal trainer.

Based on the intelligence of more than 20,000 deals, the Material Information Platform gives you a questionnaire that evaluates the quality of your documents, processes and metrics as you prepare for your material event.

The Material Information Platform also gives companies and their advisors:

  • A customized due diligence check list

  • A library of supporting materials that explains why each due diligence item is necessary for your success

  • A dashboard that enables you to check on deal preparation progress and communicates with all involved in real time

  • Functionality for delegating particular due diligence responsibilities to people in your company and/or to your advisers

  • The Ansarada Intelligent Deal Assistant – Siri for the data room – an app that gives you intelligent insights into your deal because it answers the questions you ask

Like training for fight, preparing for your material event is no easy matter. But like “The Greatest,” every minute spent preparing for your material event with Ansarada’s Material Information Platform gives you the opportunity to, “live the rest of your life as a champion.”

Find out more about the launch of the Material Information Platform here, or start your 14 day free trial now.

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