No deal. No risk. No fee*.

What? No fee!

By AnsaradaMon Feb 21 2022Mergers and acquisitions, Due diligence and dealmaking, Advisors, Innovation, Product know how

We’ve made access to our platform for advisors completely free until the first guest user logs in*.

Why is it free? Because you should never have to guess before committing to a contract.

The old way: Uncertainty and guesswork

One of the hardest questions to answer on day one is around data usage. 

The old way of doing deals required you to guess how much data you would upload to the Data Room before you even opened the room. You might end up stuck in the wrong plan paying for too much data, or not paying for enough and being hit with overage charges. 

To reduce risk, we created a better way.

The new way: No commitment, no risk

Get confidence in cost. Kick off your deal without the guesswork and protect your reputation. 

To give you complete certainty from the earliest stages of your deal, we’ve launched a new data gauge. The data gauge appears in the top right corner and updates instantly as you add data into the room. Wherever you are in the Data Room, you can view the data gauge.

Now you can know exactly how much data you’re using before you need to decide on a plan.  The new way of starting a deal removes uncertainty and friction from day one. 

Three easy steps:

1. First, pick a plan online. Don’t worry, you can change it later before you invite in guest users. 

2. Open a free Data Room and immediately start preparing for your deal. All your preparation can be done for free with the added benefit of Deal Workflow, a project management tool for deals where you can import your own Excel spreadsheets, save them as templates, and reuse them each time you start again.

3. When you’re ready to invite guest users/bidders, send the electronic quote to your client for signing.

Open a free room in minutes, start preparing, and use your data gauge to know what you need – all before you have to decide on a contract. Farewell, risk and guesswork. We WON’T miss you.

*You will not be charged until the first guest user has logged into the Data Room, indicating deal commencement. After that, regular billing will commence according to your plan. View pricing plans here.

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