Close the deal faster with specialized due diligence Q&A tools

Fast, simple, risk-free Q&A

We've made due diligence Q&A easier than ever. Running a best-practice Q&A process through your Room can be set up in just a few simple steps. To help you get started, we've got tutorials, explainer videos, online help guides and our friendly client support team on call 24/7.

For senior advisors

Senior stakeholders can approve and answer questions through the Q&A system from their email inbox, without needing to log into a deal room or learn a new tool. While it may feel like using email as usual, analysts are able to clearly track everything at the back end, making Q&A much safer and reducing deal related stress for all involved.

For Q&A admins

Collaboration to enable the right people to answer the right questions is made easy with our bulk Q&A actions. Simply select multiple questions, assign the right disclosure levels and request input from the best placed subject matter experts using a range of bulk question editing actions to choose from.

Get ready and stay ready with the Platform

Our Material Information Platform allows you to increase value, eliminate risk, accelerate deals, and seize opportunities before they come knocking

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Up to 70% of deal time is spent running Q&A

Not worth the risk

Using emails to facilitate Q&A has been messy in the past; 38% of all actions in the Q&A process involve getting answers reviewed and approved before disclosure, and 90% of all questions take up to 6 interactions to answer. Every individual email with a tracker spreadsheet attached invites a potentially deal-ending mistake.

A single source of truth

With the ability to respond to questions via email, there’s no need to log into the data room or track Q&A through risky manual spreadsheets. Managing due diligence using our data room Q&A streamlines the process and eliminates the potential for human error, multiple conversation threads, duplicated work, or breaches of security or confidentiality.


  • Avoid the pain of Excel
  • Bottleneck management, assign clear roles
  • Autosave Q&A content

To brief a client on Ansarada Q&A is just a minute-long chat because the platform is so intuitive to use.

Adam Copolov

To see firsthand how our Q&A functionality takes risk out of the due diligence equation, book a demo with our team.