Ansarada is The Material Information Platform, the one place where businesses get ready for their next material event.

Partnerships that drive value in material events

Depending on where your business is located, what it does and whether you are a private or public company, material information is the fuel that enables you to close transactions.

Your investment banking adviser is best placed to advise you on what those standards are locally. For companies that trade on public stock market, a legal expert may be necessary in order to ensure you meet the relevant minimum disclosure standards in your jurisdiction.

Such material information will be requested as a matter of course during due diligence and together with your financial, legal and accounting advisers, you can curate critical deal information with Ansarada’s Material Information Platform.

The benefit from this collaboration through the Material Information Platform is that you begin from a vastly superior position day one.

That puts you far ahead of most other companies as they begin their deal preparation.

Deals are usually a chaotic affair where businesses and their advisers have no clear idea what material information may exist, what needs to created or how it should be organized.

This is where the Material Information Platform comes to the rescue. It is a secure environment for organizing your material information that takes the complexity out of adviser-company collaboration and injects organization and efficiency.

The Ansarada platform leverages the experience your advisers have in deal execution together with Ansarada’s insights gleaned from more than 20,000 deals.

With the Ansarada platform, you and your advisers can together create and share key metrics in deal preparation by assigning responsibilities to document preparation and verification to individuals or teams. You and your advisers are able to track progress of your deal preparation through weekly or monthly reports.

In addition, the Ansarada platform provides a secure area where you can store the crucial information needed for your next material event as the core of the information you and your advisers have collected will always be needed for the next deal and having it prepared already will give you a great head start.

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