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NEW Data Room feature:
Online PDF viewer

This week, we rolled out our brand new online viewer, which allows users to preview secured PDF files directly inside their browser.

This addresses an issue we were hearing from some of our customers; namely, that Adobe Acrobat wasn’t convenient for everybody as the default PDF viewer to preview documents.

You asked, and we listened. After reviewing several different ways to solve the problem, we decided to build our own purpose-built online viewer which would resolve these issues, increase productivity, and deliver overall satisfaction and delight.


The new PDF viewer enables:
  • Unparalleled speed and efficiency, particularly for guests entering the Data Room. Guests are able to use the viewer to quickly preview PDF files, with no need to physically download them.
  • Immediate answers – the files you need open directly in your browser, so there’s no need to wait to access them via Adobe Reader.
  • Risk-free document viewing, with no impact to existing watermarks and security on the PDF being previewed.
  • Browser-based viewing with no plugins or software required.


At Ansarada, our priority has always been to make life easier for users of our products. The new viewer is just another step toward making our Data Room as simple and intuitive as it can be.


If you’re already a Data Room user, try out the new PDF viewer by following the steps here. If you’re not yet a user, you can request a demo of this feature from our team here.

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