Your due diligence checklist just got better

Introducing Pathways and the Pathways Marketplace. Experience all the benefits of predefined, customizable Pathways in our demo setting

Pathways provide you with a clear checklist of the information you’ll need to produce for your optimal outcome.

They can be adapted, templated and reused to suit the needs of any sized company or transaction.

Jump into the Marketplace and see exactly how you should structure your information, based on best practice and benchmarked against 23,000+ previous deals.

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Answers to your questions:

Is a Pathway the same as a virtual data room?

Pathways are a key part of the Ansarada platform. They guide the progression of activity from pre due diligence in scorecards, through to execution of the deal itself in a data room. Typically clients start working with a Pathway and then with a click - when they are ready to execute an opportunity - can make the right information available to the right guests through the virtual data room.

Can I create my own Pathway?

Yes. Pathways are customizable. You can even import from Excel, amplifying existing work and processes.

How much does a Pathway cost?

A Pathway can be accessed through any Ansarada plan, starting with a single user or a team of five or more. You can start simply and grow as the opportunity does. View our plans here.

Can I load our Pathway into your Marketplace so I can attract customers?

Not yet. Advisors will soon be able to upload their own customized Pathways into the Marketplace to promote to clients, but for the moment, the Marketplace contains Ansarada Pathways only.

Pathways Marketplace

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