Control your deal down to the letter: Built-in smart redaction has arrived

Ansarada rounds out AI toolset with the launch of powerful in-built redaction tool for a rapid redaction process kept within the Data Room

By AnsaradaTue Sep 08 2020Due diligence and dealmaking, Advisors, Virtual Data Rooms, Product know how

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7 SEPTEMBER - SYDNEY, Australia – Ansarada has launched a powerful in-built redaction functionality to their Virtual Data Rooms. The latest feature enables lawyers and advisors to manage the redaction process directly inside the data room, eliminating the risk and inefficiency associated with external redaction tools.

Some of the key benefits:

  • Bulk redaction and pattern recognition functionality allow you to easily identify and redact words, phrases, or all instances of patterned information - for example, emails. 

  • Redaction performed within the Data Room can be done at a rapid pace, without the need for external systems or additional downloading or uploading steps.

  • Customization can be made on the look and content of your redaction messaging to make it easy for external parties to understand. 

  • A log of all redactions is maintained to keep your team in the know and enable the quick management of future redactions or un-redactions in minutes.

The redaction tool is also available in the Ansarada Tender Platform, where sensitive tender bidder submissions can easily be redacted without ever leaving the platform. This ensures that both document security and a consistent audit trail are easily maintained, enabling you to demonstrate probity and provide all involved parties with the sense of integrity required for a complex tendering process.

Redaction in an evolving dealmaking landscape

The launch of Ansarada’s redaction technology could not come at a better time for lawyers, who are finding new and innovative ways to evolve amid the COVID-19 crisis, particularly when it comes to recapturing growth via M&A and immunizing themselves against future disruption.
The broader adoption and use of technologies, including those powered by AI, will be a key driver for the legal industry as it moves to boost efficiency, reduce risk and cost, and manage processes much more productively.
Redaction is the latest in a suite of AI-powered deal tools that can enable the most secure and efficient legal due diligence process. Others include the Bidder Engagement Score, an AI algorithm that can predict bidder outcomes with near perfect accuracy by day 7 of a transaction, and Smart Upload, an in-built AI tool that dramatically reduces deal preparation time by automatically sorting your documents by business area and topic as they are uploaded to the Ansarada platform.
Ansarada has also partnered with Luminance and Kira to facilitate powerful contract analysis within the Data Room, so that lawyers and advisors can quickly get to the information they need.

Get the confidence that your clients’ information is safe and secure

Ansarada has maintained its reputation as the most secure Virtual Data Room provider by keeping 400,000 reputations safe for over 15 years and over the course of 35,000 transactions.

This secure-by-default approach is designed to ensure your information is always safe, and always under your control. Ansarada’s redaction tool takes this even further, allowing you to scrutinize which information is revealed across individual documents, and ensuring your most private data is only revealed to who you want, when you want.

Note: Redaction is currently in beta release while we optimize speed and security.

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