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100% NEW: The Ansarada of tomorrow has arrived

The last few months have been eventful, having seen the launch of several game-changing AI innovations. We’ve been able to see our ideas transformed into revolutionary products, including AiDA, the AiQ Bidder Engagement Score and the Material Information Platform. It’s clear that the Ansarada of the future is already here.

To celebrate the next chapter, we’ve developed striking new branding that brings the future to life. It’s bold, it’s original, and it’s much more meaningful for tomorrow’s Ansarada. Here’s why.

Sharing our mission

Our mission has always been to unlock and raise people’s potential by getting them ready for what’s next, and we continue to live by it.

With the Material Information Platform, we’ve expanded this vision to the entire business lifecycle, and we needed our branding to reflect that evolution. The primary goal of the rebrand was to articulate this mission clearly, and humanize our brand as we stand on the brink of huge disruption in our industry.

100% new

It’s more than just a few new products we’ve launched. It’s new material event spaces, new pricing models, and an entirely new category with the Material Information Platform – the first of its kind in the world.

We’ve replaced virtual data rooms of the past with AI-powered Rooms in which robots work non-stop to optimize data and reveal insights, empowering deal makers to accelerate deals and make the best decisions. We’ve taken uncertainty and limits out of the process with predictable and transparent SaaS pricing. We’ve created a one-stop-shop for businesses, advisors and investors to collaborate and prepare for what’s next with the Material Information Platform.

Unveiling the new brand is much more than a sleek new logo and color scheme. The rebrand is a symbol for the enormity of change we’re driving within the industry – all geared towards unlocking and raising potential of our clients.

Staying in touch with our roots

The original Ansarada logo was well suited to the young company starting out in 2005, growing globally and connecting people via virtual data rooms, but we’ve come a long way since then.

The new logo retains the elements that made the first logo great, including the four founders’ commitment, our distinctive green, and dots that imply collaboration and connections – but it also overcomes some of the challenges of the original.

The new logo contains a ‘peelable’ element that can be separated from our name, and is much easier to scale to the small sizes required in the digital space, including icons and favicons. The mark contains four shapes which come together to form a modern letter ‘a’. These shapes represent the four founders on Ansarada, as well as the four stages of readiness: Ready, set, go, Ansarada.

The result is bold and passionate: an encouragement to preserve the forward-thinking that has made the brand everything it is today. The new design better reflects who we already are: mature, confident, and purpose-driven.

Finding our future

With the Material Information Platform poised to transform the industry and the way millions of companies, investors & dealmakers operate around the globe, it was crucial that we transform our own brand in line with the exciting changes ahead.

We’re confident in the direction we’re going, and now that our branding is up to speed there’s no looking back. We’re 100% ready for what the future brings, and 100% committed to making life easier for everyone who engages with our brand and uses our products.

Are you ready?


To find out more about the Material Information Platform and how it’s transforming the way companies get ready, visit our site here.


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