Empowering board leaders and executives with certainty in their information

The Board Pathway is a digitized template that captures an entire company lifecycle led by its board.

Get instant oversight with an intuitive and easy-to-navigate dashboard

Discover the ideal framework to set your organization up for reporting and compliance requirements 

Customize the Pathway and documentation to suit the needs of your organization 

Govern, communicate, collaborate

Use the Board Pathway to make critical decisions at speed.

Guidance documents

The Board Pathway comes with a suite of ten guidance documents, including board charters, policies as well as appointment documentation for new directors.

Adapt to suit your needs

Have the control to customize the pathway and guidance documents to suit the needs of your organization and its people.

A clear framework to follow

Give your company secretariat, governance and risk functions an ideal framework to set your organisation up for reporting and compliance requirements.

Digitize your information & workflows

Empower your organization to govern, communicate and thrive in the remote digital age.

Make decisions with confidence

Lead effectively, equipped with real-time data and information certainty.

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Here's how it works


Get complete oversight

The Board Pathway is a digitized checklist that enables Boards and their Company Secretaries to manage and administer meetings, reporting and corporate actions with confidence and clarity. 

It gives you complete visibility and accountability over all your critical information - from documents and data, to the people who look after them.


Access high-value content

Given our commitment to innovation and achieving the best customer experience, our Board Pathway comes with a suite of guidance documents including board charters, policies and appointment documentation for new directors.  These may be customized and applied to best suit your needs, saving you significant cost.


Safe and effective information governance

Manage and govern all your organization's critical information in one place. Benefit from pre-built and customizable checklists for documentation and tasks, and collaborate on them with your leadership team.

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