One size does NOT fit all: Customize your deal end-to-end with solutions that suit

Customization is essential for advisors to deliver a made-to-measure client experience.

By AnsaradaWed Oct 28 2020Due diligence and dealmaking, Advisors, Virtual Data Rooms

Imagine being a hardcore metal fan, only to log into your Spotify account and be served exclusively classical music. It’s fair to say, you’d be frustrated having to manually type in and search to find all your favourite head-banging tracks.
The same goes for critical business outcomes. No two transactions are the same; when you consider all the different types of M&A, restructures, capital raises, audits, IPOs and more, it’s clear that a one-size-fits-all Data Room no longer serves a purpose.
Today’s customers expect what they want to be ‘on demand’ and tailored to their needs - an expectation that has increased along with the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

Customization is essential for advisors to deliver a made-to-measure client experience. Tailoring the experience drives client loyalty and increases their likelihood of coming back for the next transaction. However, it can take time, money and dedicated resources to offer multiple versions of your services. Even clients aiming for a similar outcome can have very different needs and unique requirements. 

With Ansarada, more customization doesn’t have to mean more complexity. From our pricing to our Data Rooms and preparation Pathways, our Saas solution gives you the ultimate flexibility to tailor your services and give your clients only what they need - and nothing they don’t.

Customize your pricing plan

Ansarada's flexible per-user pricing model empowers advisors to limit costs while offering clients precisely what they need for their transaction.

Per-user pricing gives you the ultimate flexibility for projects where you’ll be unsure of your usage. Start with one user and scale up as you grow, or purchase user packs to lock in discounts. All plans come with unlimited data and unlimited guest users, so there’s never any concern you’ll go over.
The above benefits give you the ability to start a project earlier, with just one or two users at a low cost so that you prepare early. You can add in the rest of the deal team later when it becomes a necessity. No other provider offers this kind of flexibility to help manage costs during a project. Pay only for what you need now; add to it later.

Customize your Data Room

Within your plan, you can choose which features you want in your Data Room. Better still, you can also bolt on packages - to add on, for example, your own dedicated Customer Success Manager, or advanced security features like Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) to a more basic plan. 

We also offer packages tailored to specific outcomes; for example, our 90degree restructuring package, which is the perfect starting point for a formal restructure.

The Ansarada Data Room is renowned for its simplicity and ease of use. Bulk uploading files, sorting them automatically with AI-powered Smart Sort, and collaborating using internal Q&A means you can rapidly get the room set up and structured according to your specific needs.

Customize Pathways to outcomes

Unique to the Ansarada platform, Pathways are digitized checklists that lay out all the requirements and steps toward a particular outcome, like an M&A deal, capital raise or IPO. While the existing templates for each outcome are based on 35,000+ previous transactions, they can be customized and adapted to suit the needs of you and your clients.
Please create your Pathways, templatize them, and send them out at scale to boost deal origination and get an immediate impression of your client’s business health. Build up a library of your customized Pathways. Reuse these templates, compare them, work toward best practice and get better every single time.

The ‘Import from Excel to Pathway’ feature enables even faster customization. Bring across your custom workflows, document requirements, checklists and processes from Excel frictionlessly and share them securely with prospects in a secure Pathway. 

Your made-to-measure deal solution

One size does not fit all. Please speak to our Sales team today about adapting the perfect solution to see your client through to a successful outcome.
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